LEDriving Flush Mount WL VX100-FL

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Discover the versatility of the OSRAM LEDriving Flush Mount WL VX100-FL for powerful near-field and far-field illumination at the front, rear or side of your vehicle. The working light combines affordability with exceptional performance, quality and functionality. With a luminous flux of up to 600lm and a flood beam pattern with a wide and broad light distribution, the working light is ideal for illuminating near- and far-field areas, such as campsites, work areas or construction sites. Thanks to the lightweight rugged construction and sleek shape, the working light seamlessly integrates into the vehicle's design, offering enhanced visibility without compromising on style. With a light beam reaching up to 45 meters and a light color of 6500 Kelvin, it ensures clear visibility even in the darkest conditions. The working light is compatible with both 12V and 24V electrical systems, making them suitable for a wide range of vehicles including trucks, agricultural machinery, construction vehicles, caravans, quads and off-road vehicles. Whether for demanding work environments, camping trips or off-road adventures, the LED Flush Mount offers versatile lighting solutions tailored to various driving scenarios. Equipped with a shatterproof polycarbonate lens and aluminum die-cast housing, the LEDriving Flush Mount WL VX100-FL is robust and vibration resistant to withstand the harshest conditions. It has been tested and validated with the highest IP-Protection Classes IP6K8 IP6K9K in our DIN certified environmental simulation laboratory for extreme external influences regarding water, dust, impacts, heat, cold and permanent vibration. In addition a 2-year guarantee on the product.
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