Front Runner 1475mm Load Bars / Land Rover Range Rover Pre 1996 Kit

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The Front Runner Load Bar Kit is ideal for mounting accessories to your vehicle when a strong, lightweight, low profile, smaller footprint is preferred. The Front Runner Load Bar Kits utilize the same 22mm thick HD aluminum extrusions (slats) used in the Slimline II Roof Rack. The sliding nut t-slots on the slats allow unlimited, ultra secure mounting positions as well as quick removal of accessories and equipment. The t-slots are located on both the upper and lower faces of the load bar slats and are used for securing the mounting system (Legs, Feet, or Grab-On Feet) on one side, and accessories on the other. If at a later date you d like to upgrade to a Slimline II Roof Rack, the Slats and Mounting Systems of the Front Runner Load Bar kits can be re-used as components of a complete Slimline II Roof Rack system.
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